Steyning Arts

Steyning Arts was established in May 2011 and brings together over sixty local artists and craftspeople, both professionals and talented amateurs. Our aim is to:

  • showcase local artists across a broad range of artistic disciplines – including painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, crafts and photography.
  • make our art accessible to the wider public – providing them with a chance to appreciate and buy work that is unique, locally created, and eminently collectable.
  • inspire budding artists to develop their talents.
  • build a community of artists and supporters that nurtures the creation and appreciation of art.

Join Steyning Arts As An Artist

Are you interested in becoming a member of Steyning Arts? it means you:

  • Will be invited to take part in Steyning Arts events, including our annual Art Trail and annual Christmas Gift Fair and Art Exhibition, occasional exhibitions and our Artist Professional Support Network meet ups.
  • Can have a personal page where your work will be displayed on the Steyning Arts website.
  • Will be eligible to participate in Members meeting, surveys and vote in Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings.

Steyning Arts runs entirely on volunteer power, so we expect members to share the work involved in organising exhibitions and events, and in keeping the organisation running smoothly.


Exhibitor application:

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