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art workshops

Are you an artist who wants to share your skills and passion with others? Do you want to increase your exposure and income as an artist? If so, hosting art workshops might be a great option for you.

Art workshops are events where you teach a group of people how to create a specific type of art, such as painting, drawing, pottery, etc. You can host them in your own studio, at a local venue, or online. Art workshops can benefit you as an artist in many ways, such as:

  • You can share what you know and love about art with others who are interested in learning from you. This can be very rewarding and fulfilling, as well as fun and enjoyable.
  • You can showcase your own art and style to potential customers and fans. By teaching others how to create art, you are also demonstrating your own expertise and talent. This can help you build your reputation and credibility as an artist.
  • You can generate extra income from the fees you charge for the workshops. Depending on the size, duration, and location of the workshop, you can earn a decent amount of money from teaching art. You can also sell your own art or related products to the workshop attendees, such as prints, books, or supplies.
  • You can network with other artists and art lovers in your community or online. By hosting art workshops, you can meet new people who share your passion and interest in art. You can also collaborate with other artists or venues to host joint workshops or events.

Hosting art workshops can be a rewarding and profitable way to share what you know and sell your art.

Where To Hire Space to Run Art Workshops

In Sussex, you can hire space to run an art workshop at several venues that cater to creative events. Here are a few options:

  • Phoenix Art Space: Located in Brighton, it offers a range of creative spaces suitable for exhibitions, events, workshops, and meetings.
  • Red Herring Studios: A cooperative art studio based in Hove, providing space for artists with different practices.
  • Creatives Across Sussex: A directory of local creative spaces, including studios, galleries, and performance spaces that you can promote or hire.
  • Montague Gallery Worthing: Our ‘Upper Gallery’ is now available to hire perfect for talks, demonstrations, classes, meetings, and exhibition space.

You can contact these venues directly to inquire about availability, size, facilities, and pricing to find the perfect space for your art workshop. Remember to consider the location, accessibility, and the specific needs of your workshop when making your choice.

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