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Art Trail

Art trails and artists open houses are events where artists open their homes and studios to the public, showcasing their artwork and offering a chance to meet them and buy their work. These events are usually held annually in different locations across the UK, attracting thousands of visitors and supporting the local creative community.

Artists art trails and artists open houses provide a unique opportunity to see a variety of art forms, such as painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, and more, in a relaxed and informal setting. They also allow visitors to discover new arts and crafts from local and regional makers, and to learn more about their creative processes and inspirations. Some events also feature workshops, demonstrations, talks, and performances, as well as sculpture trails, festivals, and exhibitions.

If you are interested in visiting artists art trails and artists open houses, you can find more information on their websites, where you can also download brochures and maps of the venues. You can also follow them on social media for updates and news. Artists art trails and artists open houses are a wonderful way to experience and support the art and culture of different areas in the UK.

Sussex artists art trails and artists open houses

Artists Open Houses

This is one of the biggest UK festivals of artists open houses, taking place in May and November in Brighton, East Sussex. Hundreds of artists exhibit their work in over 200 venues across the city and beyond, ranging from cosy cottages to grand houses, studios, galleries, and cafes.

Worthing Open Houses

Worthing open houses are organised by the Worthing Artists Open Houses (WAOH), an informal group of artists who share a passion for creativity and community. Worthing open houses take place annually in June and July, over three weekends, and attract thousands of visitors and supporters. Worthing open houses feature a variety of art forms, such as painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, and more


The Arundel Art Trail is an annual event that showcases local artists and their work in the town of Arundel, West Sussex, UK. It provides a platform for artists to exhibit and sell their artwork and allows visitors to explore various art venues, galleries, and studios throughout the town. It is a great opportunity to discover and support the vibrant art community in Arundel.

Chichester Open Studios

Chichester Open Studios is a community of artists and makers who open their studios to the public twice a year. Visitors can explore the creative spaces, meet the artists, and buy original artworks directly from the source. Chichester Open Studios aims to promote local art and culture, and to inspire the next generation of artists.

Horsham Public Art Trail

The Horsham art trail was launched in 2003 and features artworks by various artists, located in different parts of the town. The artworks range from sculptures, murals, mosaics, and installations, and reflect the themes of nature, heritage, and community. The trail aims to enhance the public space and encourage people to explore and appreciate the town’s artistic and cultural identity

Art Trails and Artists Open Houses as an Artist

To participate in an art trail or open house as an artist, you need to register your interest with the organisers of the event, who will provide you with the details and requirements for taking part. Depending on the event, you may need to join a trail, which is a group of artists who exhibit their work in a specific area or neighbourhood, or you may be able to choose your own venue, such as your home, studio, gallery, or cafe. You will also need to prepare your artwork, display space, and promotional materials, such as flyers, posters, brochures, and social media posts. You may also want to consider offering workshops, demonstrations, talks, or performances, to attract more visitors and engage with them.

If you are thinking of parcipitating in an art trail or open house as an artist then read on:

art trails and open houses

Some of the benefits of taking part in an art trail or open house are:

  • Exposure and promotion: An art trail or open house can help you showcase your artwork to a wider and more diverse audience, as well as to potential buyers, collectors, and galleries. You can also network with other artists and art lovers, and gain feedback and recognition for your work.
  • Creativity and inspiration: An art trail or open house can challenge you to create new and original work, as well as to experiment with different styles, techniques, and mediums. You can also learn from other artists, discover new trends and ideas, and find inspiration from the local environment and culture.
  • Community and collaboration: An art trail or open house can foster a sense of community and belonging among artists and art enthusiasts, as well as to support the local creative economy and culture. You can also collaborate with other artists, share resources and skills, and participate in workshops, demonstrations, talks, and performances.

Despite challenges, art trails can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for artists if they prepare well and have realistic goals.

Some tips on how to make the most of visiting art trails and artists’ open houses.

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