10 Lino Printing Ideas

Lino Printing

Lino printing, also known as linocut, is a type of relief printing that involves carving a design into a sheet of linoleum and then using it as a stamp to create prints on paper or fabric.:

Lino printing is a fun and easy way to make your own art, cards, posters, or textiles. Here are 10 lino printing ideas to inspire you.

lino printing
  1. Create a portrait of your favorite person, animal, or character. You can use a photo as a reference or draw from your imagination. Try to simplify the shapes and use contrasting colors to make your portrait stand out.
  2. Make a pattern with geometric shapes, flowers, leaves, or stars. You can repeat the same shape or use different ones to create a variety of effects. You can also experiment with different colors and orientations to make your pattern more dynamic.
  3. Print a quote or a message that inspires you or makes you happy. You can use a stencil or freehand to write the words on your linoleum sheet. You can also add some decorative elements like borders, swirls, or icons to make your print more attractive.
  4. Print a landscape or a cityscape of a place you love or want to visit. You can use photos, maps, or sketches as references or create your own imaginary scene. You can use different layers of linoleum to create depth and perspective in your print.
  5. Print a collage of images that represent you or your interests. You can use photos, magazines, newspapers, or books to find images that you like and then cut them out and arrange them on your linoleum sheet. You can also draw or write on top of them to add more details and personality.
  6. Print a mandala or a zentangle design that is relaxing and meditative to make and look at. You can use a compass, a ruler, or a template to draw circles and lines on your linoleum sheet and then fill them with patterns and shapes. You can also use different colors and sizes to create contrast and harmony in your design.
  7. Print an abstract expression of your mood or emotions. You can use colors, shapes, lines, and textures to convey how you feel or what you want to express. You can also mix different media like paint, ink, or crayons to create more effects and layers in your print.
  8. Print an illustration of a story or a poem that you like or wrote yourself. You can use images, symbols, words, or characters to tell the story or convey the meaning of the poem. You can also use different styles and techniques to create different moods and atmospheres in your print.
  9. Print a calendar or a planner that helps you organize your time and tasks. You can use grids, numbers, letters, icons, or stickers to create the layout and structure of your calendar or planner. You can also add some personal touches like quotes, goals, or reminders to motivate yourself.
  10. Print a gift for someone special that shows how much you care about them. You can print something that they like or need, such as a card, a bookmark, a coaster, or a tote bag. You can also personalize it with their name, initials, or a message that expresses your feelings for them.
Lino Printing Sussex Suppliers

Avoiding the obvious (Amazon), here is a list of lino printing suppliers in Sussex where you will get helpful advice relating to all aspects of lino printing.

  • Handprinted is a UK printmaking and dyeing supplier based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex. They offer a range of products and services for batik, screen printing, relief printmaking, art and dyeing materials. They also have a blog, workshops and tutorials for beginners and experts alike.
  • Pegasus Art is an online art shop that sells printmaking supplies, including lino blocks, woodcut blocks, cutting equipment and printing sets. They also have a range of other art materials, such as paints, brushes, canvases and papers3.
  • Lawrence Art Supplies is an online and physical art shop that specialises in printmaking supplies. They have everything for wood engraving, lino printing, etching, lithography and screen printing. They also sell other art supplies, such as drawing materials, easels, frames and books.
Lino Printing Sussex Artists

Melissa Birch is a lino print artist who lives in the South Downs and is inspired by the local flora, birds and wildlife. Subject matter such as the striking silhouette of a seed head against an autumn sky, or the burst of colour coming from berries in winter are sketched hastily and then transformed into elegant line, shape or blocks of colour.

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